Yes! We do buy your used vinyl, but you must understand that in order for us to do so, we need to actually see it!
If you want to send us a list of your collection, then please email us using the contact page, giving us a rough idea what is in the collection. We will then reply to let you know if it is worth bringing them to us.

Quite often we get asked, “I have this Pink Floyd (or whichever artist) record, I found it on the internet and it sold for loads, how much will you give me?” The same rule applies, we’re afraid. Your mint condition record may be battered or played a lot, making it not as valuable.

We will travel in the North East and further afield for the right collection. If you’re thinking about turning up with your collection, during the week is best. Please call us first on 01642 860068 if you are planning on doing this.

As for price? Anywhere from 5p to £500 depending on the item. If they aren’t for us, we can give some advice on what to do next.

What we usually don’t buy:
• Terrible pop music
• 78s
• Easy listening