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Sound It Out Records is an independent record shop in Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside (UK). 

We have been established for over twenty years and in that time have sold thousands and thousands of records to thousands and thousands of customers. The shop is owned and run by Tom Butchart, who is helped by Stuart, Graham, Chris and Mel, a dedicated team of vinyl enthusiasts.

The shop carries a large range of second hand and new vinyl, CDs as well as posters, t-shirts and other music memorabilia.

We are a store of eclectic taste and carry all styles of music from 1950s to the present day… indie, punk, rock, metal, jazz, techno, trance, hard dance, drum and bass, house, hip hop, soul, funk, rock ’n’ roll and much more. We love to encourage musical diversity.

Sound It Out also takes in new and second hand stock practically everyday and we have distribution for new music from lots of companies. The shop is also a haven for local DJs, as well as more serious collectors of rare vinyl.

We also act as an output for local bands, being happy to take releases on many levels, so feel free to get in touch if you are interested in supplying as a distributor or as an individual promoting your own independent release.

In 2011, a critically-acclaimed documentary was made about Sound It Out and what the shop means to people. The DVD is available now from our web shop. Check out the trailer here

The main thing is… Sound It Out loves music.

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